Monday, August 19, 2013

Losing Weight through Swimming

Weight loss has always been a problem for people. But it’s a problem which can be dealt with a decent amount of exercise. Now exercise doesn’t mean anything that bores you. The objective is to achieve a high heart rate and burn those calories off. So if dancing interests you, you can lose weight through it, if jogging in the open air gets your heart pumping then you should go for it and this rule extends to every sport that you can think of as long as there is some kind of exercise involved. Obviously it would be highly inappropriate to consider sports such as snooker and pool as exercises contributing to weight loss. A lot of people like swimming but are reluctant to use it as a path to weight loss.

The pros of swimming:
Now, we know that swimming has a bad name in weight loss. Despite the fact that it’s a full body work out that helps you burn up to 500 calories per a thirty minute session, swimming is an underdog. Mainly because it makes you hungry! The science behind it is that after you spend so much time in water, your body cools down making you crave for food to warm itself up again. But you can easily dodge this by sipping green tea and sitting in a warm bath after you’ve been swimming. You can enhance the experience by using a Jacuzzi after you’re done having fun in the pool water. Research has that a good splash in the water helps you lose weight and to top it all off; swimming is fun, without the unwillingness that you might have when jogging. Swimming is one of those exercises which can end up being a pleasurable experience for you and can even be performed as a family activity.

Why swim for weight loss?
Swimming is as good or better as any other cardio activity to lose weight. It’s actually better because while losing weight you’re also learning a life saving skill which might save you from swimming with the fishes someday or maybe even floating with the dead ones. It helps a person maintain an incredible physique and feel extremely confident about him. So if you are a weight watcher and wish to lose weight effectively and efficiently, go for swimming!

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  1. I've just started really trying to shift some weight and swimming is my 'treat' way of working out as its so relaxing while helping you loose lbs. There also isn't the impact on your joints that other cardio exercises has which my weak knees love! x