Monday, August 19, 2013

Losing Weight through Swimming

Weight loss has always been a problem for people. But it’s a problem which can be dealt with a decent amount of exercise. Now exercise doesn’t mean anything that bores you. The objective is to achieve a high heart rate and burn those calories off. So if dancing interests you, you can lose weight through it, if jogging in the open air gets your heart pumping then you should go for it and this rule extends to every sport that you can think of as long as there is some kind of exercise involved. Obviously it would be highly inappropriate to consider sports such as snooker and pool as exercises contributing to weight loss. A lot of people like swimming but are reluctant to use it as a path to weight loss.

The pros of swimming:
Now, we know that swimming has a bad name in weight loss. Despite the fact that it’s a full body work out that helps you burn up to 500 calories per a thirty minute session, swimming is an underdog. Mainly because it makes you hungry! The science behind it is that after you spend so much time in water, your body cools down making you crave for food to warm itself up again. But you can easily dodge this by sipping green tea and sitting in a warm bath after you’ve been swimming. You can enhance the experience by using a Jacuzzi after you’re done having fun in the pool water. Research has that a good splash in the water helps you lose weight and to top it all off; swimming is fun, without the unwillingness that you might have when jogging. Swimming is one of those exercises which can end up being a pleasurable experience for you and can even be performed as a family activity.

Why swim for weight loss?
Swimming is as good or better as any other cardio activity to lose weight. It’s actually better because while losing weight you’re also learning a life saving skill which might save you from swimming with the fishes someday or maybe even floating with the dead ones. It helps a person maintain an incredible physique and feel extremely confident about him. So if you are a weight watcher and wish to lose weight effectively and efficiently, go for swimming!

Adiphene Pill Review

Seeing my fellow gym members lose weight quickly and more effortlessly than I could, I was left feeling sorry for myself. After all these years of hard work, I had still not managed to get where I wanted whereas people who had started working out way after me looked better and were in the perfect stage of gaining muscle mass. Hence, after finally running out of patience, I decided to ask one of the guy’s at my gym about his secret and he recommended a product that, according to him, would not only help me lose weight rapidly, but help me shed off the excessive fat in a safe manner too.

What is Adiphene?
Manufactured by RDK Pharm, Adiphene is a pill created to enhance the weight loss process. According to the manufacturer, “it is a multi-approach fat loss supplement”. Instead of focusing on one approach and limiting its power, it includes 12 of the most powerful natural fat fighters known to science and helps you tackle fat in FIVE DIFFERENT ways. To provide you a bit more detail, the 12 most powerful natural fat fighters being talked about here include 3 fat metabolizers, 1 fat binder, 1 appetite binder, 2 thermogenic boosters and 5 stimulants. Moreover, unlike a lot of other weight loss supplements, the formula behind Adiphene has been much researched, making it a relatively safe product to use (at least that is what the company claims).

My Experience with Adiphene
With the availability of the product a huge problem in itself (I could not find it in any local health store), I decided to order Adiphene through the official website. After placing the order through my credit card, I received the 2 month supply pack (2 bottles, each containing 30 capsules) in 2 days through DHL’s express delivery service. Shipping costs and all included, the product cost me a total of 129.95$ which according to me was a bit expensive considering how much of a miser I am.

In addition, I am sure all of you must be wondering that after spending all of that money, how I found out Adiphene to be. To put all of that curiosity to rest, I will let you judge the performance yourself by giving you a brief overview of the results I managed to achieve. Having used Adiphene for approximately seven weeks, I managed to lose around 15 pounds of body weight. As the claims of the manufacturer that the product does not need to be complemented by any sort of exercise or diet, my tough work schedule made it impossible for me to spend much time working out or eating right anyways. Thus, my weight loss was achieved solely through the use of the product. Moreover, most of the weight I managed to shed was from the abdominal area which was an added bonus in itself. Overall, as far as the performance is concerned, I was quite impressed with Adiphene.

Pros & Cons of Adiphene

As I mentioned earlier, I was impressed by the overall performance of Adiphene. However, I found the supplement particularly impressive due to the following reasons:
  1. 12 fat burners fused into a single product
  2. Entirely natural
  3. Works quite effectively
Even though my experience with the product was nothing short of awesome, I did experience some problems with its use. The two main problems I came across have been listed below:
  • Stomach aches
  • Highly priced
Labeled as the next big revolutionary weight loss product, Adiphene certainly manages to live up to the high expectations. While the high price is bit of a put off, the results speak for themselves. Hence, for those having second thoughts about spending so much money, there is always the 30 day money back guarantee to fall back to.

How to lose weight? The right answers.

When one types ‘how to lose weight?’ on Google, hundreds and thousands of links appear. Most of them are scams for money. The remaining results are a combination of fad diets and actual information, which can be helpful and also answer some of the queries which people have in mind about weight loss.

Where do I get the information from?

In today’s day and age, individuals do not have to go to nutritionists or trainers to get their workout plans and diet regimes. Everything is available online with a variety of food options and workout plans to choose from. Some will obviously be more effective than others. The question is how to lose weight and it is answered extensively on the internet.

There are books written by nutritionists that make things simpler. They act as step by step guides that leave you informed and liberated. The most important thing however is that one needs to be dedicated and passionate about getting fit. If an individual does it just for the heck of it, then chances are that he/she will get sick of the diet and exercise plan at one point and quit; which defeats the purpose of doing all the hard work.

Am I doing it myself?

The basic question which needs to be answered is, “Am I doing it for myself?” Or is it just to impress someone or because I just feel like it?” If your answer to the first part is yes, then you should take the next step in the process as you can now be sure of doing it because the yes made you all the more dedicated about the task in hand. Remember, one should never take his own self lightly, especially in the case where chances are that a lack of interest might eventually prove to be fatal. However, if the answer to the first part of the question is a no, then the time is right for you to step back and wait for a better time when you actually feel like the “Yes!” would be your answer.

What is needed the most for weight loss?

Therefore, when one wonders how to lose weight, the simplest answer is through dedication and hard work. It may take weeks, months, and sometimes even years. But if someone is passionate and dedicated, time will not be an issue for him or her. Therefore, a determined state of mind is crucial before initiating the whole process.